Keep Your Home Running as Energy-Efficiently As Possible

Summer isn’t quite over yet, and warmer temperatures will probably still be lingering until the beginning of fall, meaning plenty of folks (especially on the coasts and in the Midwest) will still be cranking their air conditioning units for several more weeks to come. When running appliances like air conditioners frequently, you can naturally expect to pay a little bit more on your monthly energy bill.

What if you could make your home a little more energy efficient, helping you save money on your energy bill every month, instead of spending more? You might be surprised at just how simple and affordable making your home a little more energy efficient could be.

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Find the Perfect Temperature to Set

if you have a programmable thermostat, then you should leave it at one temperature as often as possible. In fact, the Department of Energy says that the ideal range to leave their thermostats set to during the warmer months is about 78 degrees, which is alleged to save homeowners 10% in energy costs annually.

78 degrees might not be too hot for some folks, but you can still save up to 3% in energy bills for every degree you go up in the 72 and above range.

Invest in a Newer Air Conditioner

Sometimes, older air conditioners just aren’t going to be energy efficient, as many older air conditioning units were not built with energy efficiency in mind. If you really want to save some dough, consider looking around for a system approved with Energy Star ratings, which tells you that the system is made with energy efficiency at the forefront of the design.

These are a few excellent ways you can save some cash on your energy bill each month. If you have any questions about how the systems work or just need some extra guidance on energy efficiency, get in touch with your local commercial electrician boca raton professional, who will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.